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Suddenly a paragraph caught my eye: not a mineral recipe, but one for beer!

The first way consists of simply letting some mashed herbs soak in beer for two or three days. Another option was to add the herbs during the brewing process, either when boiling the malt, or just slightly heating them in the beer after the boiling has taken place.


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Van Lis mentioned over fifty kinds of herbs to prepare medicinal beer, ranging from ginger, lavender, cardamom, hyssop, cinnamon, aniseed, rosemary, nutmeg, gentian, juniper and lemon grass to plants such as absinth leaves, sweet flag, germander sage, and eye worth. He does not advise which kind of herb-infused beer should be used for particular ailments; this was after all supposed to be at the discretion of physicians.

Before he gained his medical doctorate in , he already ran an apothecary shop in Rotterdam, and also owned… a beer brewery. Apparently it ran in the family: his mother ran a beer trading company, and in the year Van Lis graduated, he also published a treatise on beer brewing , dedicated to his promotor, the Utrecht professor Oosterdijk Schacht.

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However, beer consumption was decreasing steadily in the eighteenth century, and in Van Lis sold all his property in Rotterdam, including his brewery with a loss, and moved to Bergen op Zoom to make a career as city physician and apothecary and doctor of the diaconate. Bulletin , 73 , pp 1 — Very interesting!

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Thanks for this really interesting post. That means one beer a day is good for the nerves.

Brewing Science, Technology and Print, 1700-1880

I was easily brainwashed by this philosophy and then recently was made aware of the connection between hops and marijuana. A little research about hops will tell you that the very reason at least one of the reasons they are used in beers, ales, and the like is or could be called medicinal.

Hops are related to cannabis plants, and are very relaxing and have other qualities. This is one reason the effects of beer are so much different than more pure alcohols like gin or vodka, for example. Really informative post, though, I really enjoyed reading it. I think some people may take it out of context, but everyone is entitled to believe what they will. Apparently I was told by a radiologist drinking beer after a barium enema helps the body expel the barium mixture more efficiently.

Purl was an ale made from wormwood or a wormwood, I have seen Artemisia maritima also mentioned that was very popular as a stimulating drink taken in the mornings in Tudor times and after in England.

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Mentioned by Shakespeare and drunk by Pepys. The equivalent made from wine was called purl royal. I do not know how much was made of its medicinal benefits. The first comes from the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum, a sister city in Italy to Pompeii.

19th Century Brewing Methods in Germany and Austria

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